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Future is Now Coalition is building a platform that’s going to completely reinvent the political process, and we need talented individuals to join our team before we launch. Collaborative, Remote, & Millennial run and owned!

We are seeking people with the passion, conscious awareness, and creative energy to reinvent our country’s political process and create a revolutionary campaign to mainstream the idea. If you’re interested in joining us, please apply below.

Current Open Roles:

  • Graphic Designer (2)
  • Talent Acquisitions Specialist (1)
  • Investigative Researcher (2)
  • Business Partnership Liaison (1)


From Entrepreneurs to Influential Organization in a matter of months!

Once launched, money will flow, the organization will move into high-gear, and everyone will begin their salaried positions with full benefits – and we will be scaling-up like crazy!


Our organization embraces neurodiversity as a strength, values transparent discussions and fair compensation, fosters servant leadership, empowers employees, and prioritizes purpose over profits while promoting collaboration, work-life balance, and sustainability.


Fill out the application and we assure you, from your first (2-way) interview, you will see (and feel) how completely different we run EVERY aspect of this.

Short-term investment opportunity. We’re all building our dream careers in our dream job in an organization that is going to change the world. 


FiNC’s mission is to revolutionize politics through Digital Politics, leveraging technology to enhance transparency, accountability, and citizen empowerment, creating a collaborative and inclusive democratic process for an informed electorate and bridging the gap between public opinion and government action. Join us in shaping a stronger democracy at futureis.org.

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