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Forging Trust, Embracing Transparency

Conscientious Ethos

We’re building an employee-owned organization with an unparalleled system of checks and balances, with better accountability and transparency than many of today’s nonprofits.

Instead of a Board of Directors being the check on leadership, all employees will be empowered to form various committees, ensuring fairness and ethical practices are at the heart of our decision-making. This will build unprecedented trust with Americans and become a model for future organizations to follow.

We also want to build a unique and intricate relationship with citizens, always striving to understand their individual perspectives, concerns, and frustrations by conducting focus groups, surveys, polls, and other research. We believe every American is an integral part of our mission and must have a voice in shaping the next generation of politics.

Democratizing the Workplace


At FiNC, we take a people-first approach to our business model and operations. Our fellow employees are at the center of our decision-making process.

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Ethical Business Model

FiNC stands apart by embracing an employee-owned structure, similar to combining a non-profit with a co-op.

Collective Decisions

Decisions are made collectively, aligning with our commitment to democratic principles and shared ownership.

Invested Employees

Every employee has a stake in our mission and a voice in shaping the organization’s future.

Open Communication:
A 2-Way Street


The change we seek in our political environment starts with listening to one another and having meaningful, respectful conversations. Communication is essential to all walks of life and we anticipate a powerful and productive relationship between FiNC and the American people.

Balanced Partnerships

FiNC plans to engage directly with citizens, conduct focus groups, surveys, polling, and other means to build a 2-way relationship with the public.

Feedback and Validation

We want to continually evolve with the American people and ensure the majority is happy with the organization’s direction.

Enhanced Communications

We plan to integrate technologies like blockchain and A.I. to enhance communication and factor in as many perspectives and opinions as possible.

Integrated Checks and Balances:
Practicing What We Preach


It’s one thing to make claims of accountability and transparency, but something different entirely to follow through. FiNC uses a series of checks and balances to maintain this commitment.


Employee Led

Unlike traditional nonprofits where a handful of board members and directors oversee operations, FiNC empowers its employees to serve as the check and balance on leadership.

Staying on Mission

Our organization’s approach ensures that ethical behavior and the mission remain at the forefront of everything we do. Our team is impassioned and remains committed to seeing our vision of a better democracy realized.

Full Accountability & Transparency

Various committees within the organization will uphold transparency, review expense accounts, and set salary caps for executives. A summary of FiNC’s spending will be presented in an easily accessible format for anyone to view.


Building Prosperity with Principles

FiNC aims to become a trailblazing exemplar of ethical business practices.

As we construct a distinctive framework that champions social responsibility, leadership accountability, and employee ownership, we are determined to establish new benchmarks for future businesses to live up to.

Our vision extends to introducing Ethical Competition to society. Recognizing the growing preference for ethical businesses among Americans, we aspire to introduce a universal rating system that adds an unparalleled dimension to market dynamics. Beyond price and quality, consumers would have the means to evaluate the ethical integrity of organizations based on their production processes, investments, and more.

FiNC believes that not all solutions need to involve extreme government intervention, and working within today’s free-market system will allow our society to evolve through multiple avenues simultaneously.

A New Framework:
Beyond Predatory Capitalism

Setting New Standards

FiNC is committed to becoming a model for responsible and sustainable organizational conduct by promoting ethical business practices. Ethical Competition ratings will be evidence-backed and intuitive to understand.

Principled Leadership

Our ethical practices include accountability of upper leadership, social and environmental responsibility, and world-class treatment of our employees.

Continuous Reinvestment

By upholding high ethical standards, including executive salary caps and zero profits, we guarantee resources are directed towards societal advancement, rather than shareholder gains.

Unlocking Minds, Opening Doors

We foster an inclusive culture where individual differences are valued and empowered. By harnessing varied talent from across the country with many political perspectives, we can all work together toward the common goal of improving our democracy.

Thrive, Not Survive

FiNC provides an environment where all team members can thrive by supporting their professional development. Prioritizing our employee’s well-being leads to unparalleled collaboration and healthy partnerships between our team members.

Constructive Collaboration

We recognize that diversity of thought leads to richer discussions and better outcomes. Encouraging constructive debate allows those with varied expertise to incorporate their ideas to achieve innovative solutions and advance FiNC’s mission.


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