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Due to FiNC’s political nature and narratives, donations are not tax deductible. To learn more, visit our FAQ.

The DD platform will initially showcase federal and state politicians, but we would like to expand this information to local elections.

Local elections may not affect the entire country or your state. They can, however, greatly impact your community and life. Locally elected officials are responsible for our children’s education, drinking water, and much more. We hope to offer the same information and equal presentation of local candidates that we are developing for state and federal candidates, but it will take more money and resources.

Adding local offices to the platform will require substantially more work, given that state and federal offices only account for less than 4% of US politicians. We can only achieve this with the help and support of Americans like you.

Blockchain technology will ensure our platform’s security and integrity by democratically storing user data on secure servers.

Blockchain is an important developing technology in the world today. FiNC plans to incorporate this technology into our DD platform for security purposes. This technology will secure data by democratically storing information across thousands of citizens’ machines. The transparency of blockchain transactions ensures that the data isn’t tampered with and allows users to look up their unique identifier to verify their information while remaining anonymous.

The blockchain will keep information secure and accurate when the platform expands to offer verifiable online voting, polling, and other activities. Personally identifiable information such as user addresses will be safe from tampering by being digitally stored on an air-gapped (offline) and black-boxed (encrypted) system. This means the info is securely stored offline and is not accessible online.

Digital Democracy will ultimately provide address verification, allowing representatives to talk directly to voters in their district. Our District Verification System (patent pending) promises to maintain user security across our social networks.

DD will provide address verification via our District Verification System (patent pending) allowing representatives to talk directly to voters in their district. Unverified users will still have access to the DD platform but may be limited to who they can message based on candidates’ preferences. Politicians will be able to use DD’s social network to interact with their constituency and allow for their district members to express support for bills, run polls, and hold virtual town halls. 

FiNC wants politicians to engage the American people throughout their candidacy and beyond the election period, ensuring they understand their voters’ concerns so they can properly represent them on all issues.

The FiNC Research Hub will be our civic education platform designed to make politics more digestible and not politically-charged. Our dedicated research team will steadily produce articles and other academic materials to educate the common American on political topics and public policies.

The FiNC Research Hub will be an excellent resource for Universal Facts regarding policies and big issues – and for establishing a Consensus Reality within our political discourse. The Research Hub will provide a resource to amplify the public’s understanding of policy and law. 

As a long-term goal, the Research Hub will also launch one of the only Peer Reviewed, American-based free academic journals for the study of social and political sciences. We want to create a designated platform for open and accurate information that Americans can rely on.

Our Outreach Team is responsible for connecting us with various activist groups, independent media, and grassroots politicians. Over time, we plan to expand our outreach to directly engage the American people through focus groups, virtual meetups, and in-person events.

Word-of-mouth is one of the most powerful tools for gaining exposure and spreading the word. We invite you to bring up our mission with family and friends, but we can’t stop there. FiNC plans to expand our outreach team to spread our mission throughout the country and gain feedback from citizens of diverse backgrounds.

Expanding the Outreach Team will open doors to increased community events, school talks, nursing home visits, and so much more. The Outreach Team will also coordinate with other organizations and non-profits that align with our mission.

If you’re interested in discussing a sponsorship or significant donation, please contact us directly: [email protected]

Disclaimer: All donations are handled the same and are a non-equity partnership. No donations, large or small, result in an ownership stake or decision-making power. Donate to help revolutionize democracy and take the influence of money in politics OUT of the system!

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