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Digital Democracy

Digital Democracy (DD) is an online platform that will transform how voters assess candidates and make political choices.

The DD platform is a groundbreaking, intuitive tool that empowers citizens by providing an easily accessible and searchable database of local, state, and national politicians. Their comprehensive profiles will include voting histories, legislative actions, funding sources, and more. By offering transparent and verified data on political candidates, our platform fosters a more informed electorate, promoting genuine representation and increased political participation.

Together, the ultimate goal of DP and DD is to revolutionize the American democratic process for the better.

Mockup of a Candidate Profile on DD:

Scrollable screenshot of the "report card" for Senator Angus King
Scrollable screenshot of the "report card" for Senator Angus King
Scrollable screenshot of the "report card" for Senator Angus King

Note: Information could be out of date or inaccurate. For presentation purposes only.


Digital Democracy (DD) Platform Overview

Through your generous donations and support, we are building a digital platform to empower our democracy. Welcome to Digital Democracy (DD) – where citizens can easily search up every American political candidate to find out where they stand, what they’ve done, and who they are funded by.

Digital Democracy blockchain graphic

Hub of Political Information

DD provides a searchable database of clear, objective, and accurate information on every U.S. political candidate up for federal, state, and local office.

Past Record and Promises Made

Find out what politicians have accomplished while in office and what they promised while on the campaign trail.

Money & Investments Disclosed

Ever wondered who the major donors are behind a candidate or what % of their total contributions come from dark money? Ever wanted to see a full outlay of a politician’s personal investments required for disclosure? DD has got it all.

Polling, Forums, Matchmaker

Our platform will also feature personalized ways of learning more about the current political landscape, getting involved in important discussions with politicians and fellow constituents, and matching your political beliefs with the available candidates in your district.

Credible Information Sources

The FiNC team gathers the candidate and campaign finance info presented on our platform from credible, independent sources. Every fact on the DD platform will be cited.

Data Security via Blockchain

The FiNC team developed a robust District Verification (patent pending) system that offers streamlined and secure communication between constituents and their representatives based on user location data. All user location verification documents and information gathered on our platform will be secured using encryption, private air-gapped and black-boxed servers, and the blockchain technology.

The goal with the DD platform is to give voters something they are hungry for: the truth!

When it comes to American politics, complexities and corruptions have made it more challenging than ever to effectively judge our political candidates – and hold them accountable. With DD, we hope to begin bridging the divide between what the people want and what our politicians provide. Think of DD as a more effective voter guide, with better, real-time information and more robust tools for education, comparison, and political action!

Digital Democracy (DD) Demo Gallery:

Digital Democracy Home Page - Part 1
Angus King - Politician Profile
Politician Profile
Digital Democracy Home Page - Part 2
Angus King - Politician Profile - Investments
Investments Page
Angus King - Politician Profile
Politician Profile

mockup of a candidate profile on dd:

Scrollable screenshot of the "report card" for Senator Angus King

Note: Information could be out of date or inaccurate.

For presentation purposes only.

Access to Information:
Non-Partisan, Fact-Based, Data-Driven


Digital Democracy (DD) will be non-partisan, grounded in facts, and driven by data. By prioritizing accuracy and objectivity, the platform will serve as a reliable source of political information, promoting a shared understanding of issues and bridging the gap between public opinion and government action.

Digital Democracy illustration

Real Conversations

DD empowers citizens to connect with candidates who genuinely represent their interests, fostering a more personalized and effective democratic experience.


DD will host a unique feature reminiscent of a dating app: Input your key political viewpoints and be matched with the candidates that best represent you.

Public Watchdog

Our platform is meant to serve as a useful tool for all citizens to learn vital political information. We want to shine a light on our political leaders’ broken promises, financial misdeeds, and dark money connections.

Leveling the Playing Field:
Equal Display of Information


The DD platform will empower voters by making political information easily accessible and facilitating meaningful participation in the democratic process by comparing candidates across a standardized format.

Substance, Not Ads

Today’s campaigns primarily focus on gaining support through advertising. DD will shift the focus back to the issues at hand. America needs the best people with the best ideas for the job, not the best ads.

Objective Information

The platform provides access to unbiased data on politicians, their voting records, policy positions, funding sources, and more.

Equal Footing

The DD platform will feature standardized comparisons between candidates, encouraging voters to judge them based on merit and representation. We want our platform to help end the cycle of candidates being chosen in advance by mainstream parties, major media outlets, and big corporations.

Pulling Back the Curtain:
Permanent Report Cards


Every politician on the DD platform will be given a comprehensive Permanent Report Card to measure their successes and failures, their promises kept and broken, the extent of their dark money receipts, and their overall performance while in office. We believe that every citizen already deserves to know this information and the Permanent Report Card is a way to consolidate a clear snapshot view of every candidate’s trustworthiness and effectiveness.


Campaign Promises

DD will track the fulfillment of campaign promises made by politicians, providing citizens with an objective assessment of whether they have delivered on their commitments.

Follow the Money

DD will unveil the funding sources behind politicians, including the industries, super PACS, and big donors that financially support them.

Dark Money

DD will spotlight the percentage of funding derived from undisclosed or “dark money” sources, ensuring transparency and helping Americans make informed decisions about their representatives.

Verified Constituent Communication:
Meaningful Connections


We developed a new District Verification technology (patent pending) that will securely connect every constituent to their respective candidate. DD harnesses the power of blockchain technology to offer users secure address verification, a critical feature in ensuring authentic interactions between politicians and their constituents.


District Verification

By verifying users’ addresses using blockchain technology, DD guarantees that candidates engage exclusively with individuals they represent. This will streamline the democratic process and enable politicians to focus their attention where it truly matters.

Streamlined Communications

DD enables direct communication between citizens and politicians through interactive features like town halls, polls, and Q&A sessions. These tools empower citizens to express their concerns, share perspectives, and seek answers from their elected representatives.

Setting the Stage

By fostering a more participatory democracy through our digital platform, we hope to efficiently facilitate transparent and accessible engagement from voters as they get ready to vote and from candidates as they prepare to campaign.

Citizen-Owned, Crowd-Coded:
Empowering Americans


The key principle of Digital Democracy (DD) is equal representation and democratic decision-making. All important choices on our platform will be made collectively through a democratic voting process. Ultimately, we aim for American citizens to have the opportunity to vote for executive leadership who will handle the day-to-day operations and management of the organization and its technology.

Digital politics illustration 1v1


The DD platform embraces a “Crowd-Coded” approach similar to open-source software. Volunteers nationwide can contribute their coding skills to enhance the platform. Our team will review and implement the coding submissions, ensuring security, fairness, and mission focus.

Evolving Platform

DD’s collaborative efforts will harness diverse perspectives, promote transparency, and allow the platform to continually evolve and meet the needs of its users. We will be using surveys, polling, focus groups, and general feedback to improve the platform over time.

Safeguarding Democracy

The ultimate vision for DD is to establish a decentralized and citizen-owned entity that serves as a watchdog over our public election system, safeguarding its integrity and advancing democracy in ways that benefit the majority of Americans. It will always remain an independent platform owned by the people, for the people.

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