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How FiNC was Born


Future is Now Coalition (FiNC) is a unique socio-political organization that seeks to positively change the American political landscape and upgrade our nation’s democracy. The story of how FiNC came to exist is one of persistence. We’re sharing our origin story and introducing our founder, Travis Misurell. Truly, his vision brought our team together to change the world.

Recognizing the Need for Change

The 2020 election highlighted the increased polarization of American politics. Rampant misinformation and confirmation bias from media outlets created a chasm between red and blue.

“I always felt that there was a ‘Consensus Reality’, or a reality that most Americans would actually agree to, but the system never speaks in a way that would feed into our shared reality.” 

Our elected officials perpetuate this divisiveness and promote a narrative of “us vs. them”. There are more people in agreement on policies and other issues than the media and politicians lead you to believe. 

In a world where we’re being told to choose between left and right, most voters lie somewhere in between. We acknowledge that most voters are looking for more than what either party is offering.

About the Founder

Travis Misurell

Some view neurodivergence as a hindrance. For Travis, this couldn’t be further from the truth, recognizing it as a wellspring of unique perspectives that fuel innovation. He envisions a world where the strengths of atypical thinkers are harnessed as a competitive advantage. 

Travis, himself a neurodivergent thinker armed with a BA in Psychology and extensive experience in Operations and Process Improvement, saw the flaws in our political systems and became a catalyst for change.

Leveraging his background, Travis views government as the operations of our society. He developed tools and new narratives to reframe how citizens look at politics, birthing the concept of Digital Politics. With a commitment to transparency and a passion for empowering Americans, Travis founded FiNC. 

The organization, grounded in the belief that neurodivergent and atypical thinkers can revolutionize the political process, has grown to include over 40 dedicated volunteers working to bring FiNC, Digital Democracy, and Digital Politics to life. 

Through FiNC, Travis is reshaping the political landscape to better serve the average American.


The Mission

FiNC's Mission

FiNC believes that every voice matters, regardless of political affiliation. Our mission is to educate, empower, and evolve the electorate through Digital Politics (DP) and Digital Democracy (DD).

We want conservatives, liberals, and individuals of all ideologies to actively engage, contribute their ideas, and shape the future. After all, this is what it means to be a democracy.

Meet the Leadership Team

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