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Mission & Vision

FiNC believes that every voice matters, regardless of political affiliation. Our mission is to educate, empower, and evolve the electorate through Digital Politics (DP) and Digital Democracy (DD). 

We want conservatives, liberals, and individuals of all ideologies to actively engage, contribute their ideas, and shape the future. After all, this is what it means to be a democracy.

Primary Goals

All Elections & Candidates

We hope to offer the same information and equal presentation of all major candidates across federal, state, and local elections.

Blockchain Encryption

Blockchain technology will help ensure our platform’s security and integrity by democratically storing user data on secure servers.

DD’s Social Media Networks

Digital Democracy will ultimately provide address verification, allowing representatives to talk directly to voters in their district. Our District Verification system (patent pending) promises to maintain user security across our social networks.

Building Civic Education

The FiNC Research Hub is our digital encyclopedia of information related to policy making. Our dedicated team will steadily produce research articles and other academic materials to educate on political topics and debate public policy.

Legal Department

We’re creating an Ethical Economic Ecosystem that puts people before profits. Non-profits can be corrupt and abandon their mission in the interest of profits.

Grow Outreach Team

Our outreach team is responsible for connecting us with potential partners. Over time, we plan to expand our outreach team to amplify our messaging.

Digital Democracy

A one-stop-shop for all your political information Digital Democracy (DD) is an online platform that will transform how voters assess candidates and make political choices.…

A New Era of Democracy Starts with FiNC

Pillars of Transformation:
FiNC's Path to an Advanced Democracy

To effectively transform American democracy and achieve our ambitious mission, FiNC has laid the foundation with 4 essential pillars that guide us. These pillars represent the distinct dimensions of our transformative plan, each crucial in reshaping the political landscape and empowering citizens to participate in our movement – and our country’s governance. 

Explore the Pillars below:

Digital Politics

A philosophical approach to the political environment that goes beyond partisanship and demands more from our leaders, their parties, and our government.

Digital Politics

1) Transparency - What do candidates believe? Where do politicians get their money? What are they promising?
2) Accountability - What have our leaders accomplished – or failed to do? Have they kept their promises? Do they take responsibility for their mistakes?
3) Transcending Partisanship - What does the majority of the nation believe? What are the provable facts & figures surrounding our major socio-economic issues?
4) True Citizen Representation - What do the people want? Why are they asking for it? Why are issues that poll above 70% approval not being resolved? Where is the progress?
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Digital Democracy

A technology platform designed to deliver objective, indisputable, and data-focused political information on every candidate to help citizens make more informed democratic choices.

Digital Democracy

A) Prospective Info - Political Beliefs, Policy Positions, Campaign Promises

B) Retrospective Info - Campaign Funding, Voting Records, Approval Ratings, Finances & Investments
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Reframing Civics

A new vision for society where many perspectives are encountered, understood, and synthesized into positive actions that move our thinking forward as a nation.

Reframing Civics

1) Breaking “Us vs. Them” Cycles.
2) What Are All Our Perspectives?
3) Focusing on Communities.
4) Integrating Beliefs.
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Conscientious Ethos

A long-term goal for FiNC is an ethical reprioritization of our institutions, organizations, and corporations to better serve society.

Conscientious Ethos

-- More democratic ownership structures
-- More responsive leadership to changes in business and the economy
-- More total stakeholder concerns and less special interest catering
-- More of a focus on ethical practices and people before profits
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