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Digital Politics

Digital Politics (DP) is a philosophical approach to transcend our current party system and give citizens clearer choices and more responsive representation.

FiNC aims to revolutionize the political landscape by building new political infrastructure that emphasizes data-backed decision-making, apolitical framing, and policy-focused discussions centering constructive solutions over partisan loyalty. DP will change how people determine their vote, how politicians communicate and run campaigns, how policies are discussed and debated, and more.

Altogether, DP reframes the political process to be more understandable and representative. We want to empower Americans to reshape our democracy to be responsive to the will of the majority and a force for positive, timely changes in our country.

Upgrading Democracy:
Focus on the Issues


Digital Politics is a multi-phase initiative to foster a citizen-driven approach to governance. This is a philosophical foundation to the political process that emphasizes data-backed decision-making, apolitical framing, and policy-focused discussions over partisan loyalty.

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Shifting the Political Paradigm

Voters need to change how we consider candidates and how politicians campaign for our votes. We want honesty, clarity, transparency, accountability, and solution-oriented policies to be the priority of every political communication between prospective politicians and their constituents.

Tailored Experience

Politics should be a customizable – and understandable – experience, with voters able to support candidates across party lines and express themselves on a range of topics. Importantly, our political environment should allow for adaptability and the capacity to change one’s mind with learning.

Spectrum of Views

Let us break free from the limitations of a two-party system. America harbors a spectrum of diverse opinions and beliefs. We should continuously be hearing all sides and honoring the best ideas, regardless of party affiliation.


The 4 Principles of Digital Politics


Digital Politics revolves around 4 fundamental principles:
1) Transparency
2) Accountability
3) Transcending Partisanship
4) True Citizen Representation.

This philosophy will integrate new technology with our political system and bridge the gap between public opinion and government action.

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Transparency & Accountability

What do candidates believe? What are they promising? What have they voted for?

Our primary tool to establish greater transparency in modern politics is the Digital Democracy (DD) platform, an easily accessible and comprehensive database of political information. Citizens will be able to freely search voting records, campaign promises, funding sources, and more on DD – ultimately empowering us to find the truth about our representatives. 

Where does the candidate get their money? Have they kept their promises? Are your politicians working for you – or just themselves and their special interests?

We want DP and DD together to inspire a new mindset for voters and politicians on accountability. Simply put: Candidates are civil servants, they should be held to a higher standard, and they should be voted out if they fail to best represent us.

Transcending Partisanship

It’s time for America to break free from the limitations of a two-party system. FiNC recognizes that America is a spectrum of diverse ideas, opinions, and beliefs. Every good democracy should be.

The DP philosophy urges voters to consider policy issues first and foremost and the DD platform showcases politicians in a fair and equal format, standardized and comparable. We encourage rational conversations and data-based decision-making, fostering cooperation, and finding solutions that benefit the majority – regardless of political party, ideology, or the gleam in a favored candidate’s smile.

True Citizen Representation

The voice of the people should be at the forefront of democratic governance. DP values citizen feedback and puts decisions in the hands of its participants. It opposes campaign funding from powerful special interest groups and emphasizes grassroots support.

The goal is to return democracy to the people and create a government that truly represents its citizens. And where money in politics continues to dominate policy making and candidate selection, our DD platform will shine a light on every candidate’s major donors and dark money connections. We aim for a fundamental change in what our discourse defines as effective political representation.

Digital Politics (DP) is about empowering individuals, eliminating corruption, and making informed decisions based on facts. It envisions a future where everyone has a voice, diverse perspectives are valued, and democracy thrives. Together, we believe we can bring about positive change and reshape the future of our democracy.

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