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Frequently Asked Questions

Future is Now Coalition (FiNC) is an organization akin to an employee-owned nonprofit with a blueprint to completely transform America’s political system to work for its citizens and fix our broken democracy. We are not a political party and will remain ideologically-neutral in our pursuit of a better system. 

We champion an array of world-changing initiatives meant to empower the American people, build better communication between them and our government, and create a platform for unbiased, nonpartisan information. 

The majority of our initial funding is used for the development of the DD platform’s technology as well as our outreach efforts. We aim to increase our platform’s adoption, implement new features, and build engagement with citizens.

We need to balance evolving the technology with connecting with the people. We need to conduct focus groups and interact with average Americans, continually hearing their concerns and collaborating on the future direction of our country.

We will empower Americans to decide for themselves what the future of politics should look like – and we need to have many 2-way conversations for that to happen!

DP and the DD platform are closely related but have distinct roles. 

Digital Politics (DP) refers to the overall concept and approach of upgrading our democracy into a citizen-focused system that truly represents the will of the majority instead of money interests and ultra-partisan ideals.

It encompasses various aspects such as transparency, accountability, data-backed decision-making, and breaking away from the 2-party system. DP aims to create a more inclusive, citizen-driven, and effective political system.

On the other hand, Digital Democracy (DD) is a specific tool or platform that reinforces the principles of DP. It serves as a central hub for political information, communication, and engagement. The platform provides access to unbiased data on politicians, their voting records, policy positions, and funding sources, and will continually evolve to encompass activist groups, independent media outlets, and so much more.

In summary, DP represents the broader concept and principles to be expressed in our (future) daily politics, while DD is a concrete, technical manifestation of those principles, serving as a powerful tool to implement and support the ideals of DP.

FiNC will present only accurate and verified data on our Digital Democracy (DD) platform. We will primarily draw information on political contributions and campaign financing from OpenSecrets.org, the Federal Election Commission (FEC.gov), among other sources. We will also utilize candidate websites and other official documentation and public disclosures to fill out the politician profiles on DD. We are committed to the truth and transparency when it comes to our sources. Every fact on our website will be cited. In the future, any corrections we need to make will be done so swiftly and communicated to users.

No, we are temporarily structured as an LLC at this time. Due to the political nature of our organization and mission, we are not allowed to register as a traditional non-profit 501(c)(3) and decided against registering as a Social Welfare Organization 501(c)(4) due to its legal complexities and its non tax deductibility.

However, we are dedicated to acting as a non-profit, with well-defined ethical standards and total transparency. To start, FiNC will rely on donations (see “How will FiNC get funding?” question below). In the future, we intend to make our organization employee-owned and our Digital Democracy (DD) platform citizen-owned. Throughout our operation, FiNC will remain committed to zero profits and intends to continuously reinvest in our mission, our platform, and our team.

In summary, we are temporarily an LLC with the plans to develop a custom non-profit cooperative structure in the future. To best maintain our independence and give us the flexibility to innovate while also remaining accountable to the American public, FiNC is not currently registered as a non-profit.

At FiNC, we will initially rely solely on grassroots donations to remain pure and unbiased. We do not accept equity investments, preventing anyone from buying influence. FiNC depends on support from Americans like you to continue building our movement and platform. In the future, we plan to generate supplementary revenues through ads and premium memberships on our Digital Democracy (DD) platform, with other revenue plans coming. Any revenue made will be used for operating expenses and reinvestments into the platform as we remain committed to zero profits.

You can donate to FiNC through our website’s donate page, here. Any of our active crowdfunding campaigns, such as through IndieGoGo and Kickstarter, will also live on this page. Donations go primarily to the development of our Digital Democracy (DD) platform, outreach efforts to spread our message and build our movement, and paying our staff for their hard work.

You should donate to FiNC to upgrade democracy and improve America’s politics to be more transparent, accountable, and representative to you! Donate to FiNC to help us spread awareness about the new political infrastructure of Digital Politics (DP) and the corresponding tech platform, Digital Democracy (DD). We are a small but growing organization and our continued development is reliant on grassroots funding from everyday citizens like yourself. Join us, and together we can create a more honest and responsive government.

FiNC’s long-term goals are to fundamentally upgrade democracy by creating services and tools that empower Americans to innact genuine change at the core. We hope to reduce division, evoke compromise, and work on building a consensus reality that most Americans can understand – and effectively act upon. FiNC plans to change the world by being a force of unity within the contentious environment that is modern political discourse. We are uncompromising in our vision and will, no matter what, remain committed to being an ideologically-neutral advocate for better communication across partisan lines and greater transparency and accountability in our political leaderships’ campaign funding, promise keeping, and policymaking.

The Future is Now Coalition (FiNC) is a remote-based organization of all-American workers that live across multiple time zones. We are a professionally diverse group of impassioned volunteers that want to see positive changes in our country’s political landscape. Our team is doing everything in our power to help create such changes. Though virtual for now, FiNC does intend to build a physical presence in the future, with citizen outreach and event attendance.

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