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One Vision, Many Perspectives

Reframing Civics

Our mission to Reframe Civics centers on recognizing Americans’ diverse realities.

There is a distinct logic that individuals adhere to based on their perceived facts. We want to present a new vision for society where many perspectives are acknowledged, understood, and synthesized into positive actions that move our thinking forward as a nation.

Breaking "Us vs. Them" Cycles

We are all human. We are all in this together.

What Are All Our Perspectives?

Countering media narratives with better presentations of the diverse worldviews of our nation. What are the major concerns of our populace and the various fact-based arguments around how to alleviate them?

Focusing on Communities

Redefining lines of communication within our communities to better reflect – and act upon – our primary needs. Every community is distinct, and we should be striving to understand, respect, and serve those distinctions.

Integrating Beliefs

A thriving society should integrate the beliefs of everyone in it. We believe civics must ultimately be about integration, inclusiveness, and ensuring every voice is heard – and understood.

By fostering open-mindedness and constructive dialogues, we seek to transcend emotional barriers and bridge the gap between contrasting perspectives.

Stop Villainizing One Another:
Finding Common Ground


Through a deeper understanding of each other’s reasoning, we can lay the foundation for a more inclusive and rational democracy that respects the multitude of perspectives within society.

Breaking the Cycle

We strive to break the cycle of vilifying those with different opinions by uniting hearts and minds to drive positive change. We can bridge the gap between opposing sides by shifting the narrative away from an “us vs. them” mentality.

Shared Humanity

FiNC does not point fingers at any specific group for the broken state of our political system. Our platform will foster an environment where citizens can recognize their shared humanity and work towards finding areas of agreement, collaboration, and compromise.

Integrating Beliefs

By replacing villainization with understanding and integrating different beliefs, we strive to create a more robust and inclusive democracy that genuinely serves the diverse needs of all citizens.

Escaping the Echo Chamber:
Alternative Perspectives


Today’s political climate is entangled in blame games and echo chambers. FiNC strives to break down these barriers and promote productive cooperation and the constructive introduction of new perspectives.

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Acknowledging Concerns

We all have the ability to incorporate multiple perspectives into our thinking. Our job as citizens of a democracy is to acknowledge the other people’s concerns across the aisle, allowing us to tackle society’s most significant challenges from different angles.


The truth is that Americans have much more in common than they think. And yet, by design, our political media and discourse becomes extremely polarizing and keeps us apart.

Peeling Back the Layers

For all of history, society has built on top of itself without peeling back the layers. Now that we’re in the Information Age, we have an opportunity to reevaluate and reimagine our societal systems instead of merely building upon existing structures.

Effective Government

By determining the most efficient and effective paths forward, we can rethink policies, optimize government operations, and work towards creating a more advanced society that benefits all citizens.

Bridging the Divide:
Pioneering Solutions


By reframing political discourse, we facilitate constructive dialogue between individuals from conservative, liberal, progressive, and other groups, creating opportunities to craft meaningful laws.

Digital Democracy illustration 2 (chain)

A New Understanding of Civics

The Digital Politics (DP) philosophy encourages citizens to listen, learn, and engage with diverse perspectives, breaking down barriers and fostering understanding.

Exploring Innovative Solutions

The Digital Democracy (DD) platform provides a space for citizens to explore innovative ideas, challenge assumptions, and work towards inclusive policies that address the concerns and aspirations of all Americans.


Embracing Neurodiversity:
Tapping the Untapped

FiNC harnesses the strengths of different minds, promotes inclusivity, and ensures that all perspectives are heard and respected.

We believe that integrating neurodiversity into our organization and society at large will contribute to developing more innovative and holistic solutions to complex challenges.

Diverse Minds,
Untapped Brilliance

Empowering Unique Minds

FiNC recognizes the value of neurodiversity in society. We covet the unique ways in which neurodivergent individuals think and process information.

Seeing the Unseen

Neurodivergent individuals often possess heightened sensory perception, paying attention to subtle details others may overlook.

Connecting the Dots

They excel in recognizing patterns and connecting smaller puzzle pieces to form a bigger picture.

New Angles, Novel Solutions

Their strong imagination and creativity bring fresh ideas and approaches to problem-solving.

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