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Transparency Disclosure

1. Research Hub - citing, how we acquire info

a. FiNC researchers log every website, journal, or other source used to write any work products from the Digital Library during the research process. As part of this effort, Researchers always use in-text citations and other referencing formats when applicable. Researchers will always list the sources and a link to those sources used at the end of any work product.

b. Exceptions to Research Transparency

i. Human Sources: If a human source is used and revealing the source’s identity puts them in danger, their identity remains secret per journalistic standards. However, FiNC vets human source(s) and verifies said information using other sources or methods before researchers use the information in an article, post, or other content.

2. Financial transparency disclosure

a.   FiNC commits to making yearly financial disclosures. This disclosure will include FiNC’s income and expenses, including the sources of any funding, employee salary commitments, administration costs, operation costs, and any other usage or source of funding.

3. Non-biased research disclosure

a.   FiNC commits to ensuring that the research team uses ethical research practices and verifiable sources. As part of this effort, all work products from the Research Hub include straightforward works cited pages and undergo a stringent peer review process before publication. FiNC also believes in a common sense doctrine for personal opinions and conclusions in articles and publications. FiNC’s Common Sense doctrine is the principle that an average reader can read the article and reach a similar conclusion.

4. Our promises

a.   Future is Now Coalition is committed to providing transparent information to Americans regarding our political landscape and our mission to improve it. FiNC provides this transparency through comprehensive yearly financial and donation allocation reports, peer-reviewed research, data security reports, and complying with all applicable laws, regulations, and codes of conduct to ensure public trust.

5. "FiNC promises for public accountability."

a.    FiNC is committed to maximum transparency allowed by any relevant United States regulation, law, or public policy. This transparency commitment covers our research activities, digital democracy platform, funding, lobbying, and any other future activities, companies, or organizations FiNC oversees or conducts.

6. Research Hub Articles

a.  All articles published by the Research Hub go through an extensive fact-checking and peer-reviewed process. Each published work product contains a work cited page and follows the FiNC Common Sense Doctrine.

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