Future is Now Coalition

Process Improvement Specialist

Our Mission

At Future is Now Coalition (FiNC), we are creating a transformative concept known as Digital Politics with the goal to bridge the gap between public opinion and government action. We plan to Upgrade Democracy by integrating technology into our political process, focusing on transparency, accountability, and citizen empowerment. It’s an evolutionary approach to democracy that eliminates partisan bias, showcases politicians equally, and provides easy access to objective political information. 

With Digital Politics and our Digital Democracy platform, every citizen becomes an informed decision-maker, bringing us closer to a participatory democracy. It’s time to transform politics into a collaborative, inclusive, and citizen-driven process.

This is not just a typical organization, this is a movement. We plan to evolve democracy at a fundamental level and have a multi-dimensional plan to do so.

The future is now, and it starts with us. Join us in shaping a new era of politics.

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From Entrepreneurs to Influential Organization

To be free from conflicts of interest, we must avoid investors and most other forms of financing as they have strings attached. Therefore, we are Crowd-Starting the organization:

We are asking everyone to invest 15-20 hours a week of their skills during this period to get the organization on its feet before we receive our first paychecks. All hours will be tracked and paid after launch.

This only works if you can see this as a short-term investment opportunity. Everyone joining is a partner in this and will receive an ownership stake in the organization, as we are building a structure akin to a Nonprofit Cooperative. You need to look past the old “employee vs employer” relationship and be open to a more evolved dynamic.

We are building our dream careers in our dream job in an organization that is going to change the world. So there’s a major return on this investment, for yourself and for society. 

Once launched, money will flow, the organization will move into high gear, and everyone will begin their salaried positions with full benefits, and we will be scaling up exponentially!

Culture and Employment

  • Neurodiversity as a major strength/superpower
  • Role and salary convos are transparent, objective, 2-way, and fair
  • Servant leadership, horizontal team structures, and employee empowerment
  • Purpose-over-Profits, value over hours worked
  • Genuinely value (and reward) loyalty, passion, and commitment
  • Unique operational infrastructure
    • Designed to enhance collaborative relationships
    • Superior virtual work environment
    • Work-life balance
    • Supporting individual weaknesses to enhance people’s strengths
  • Continuous role-assessments, support for long-term career development, and nurturing long-term working relationships
  • Sustainability and social responsibility
  • So much more!

We assure you, from your first (2-way) interview, you will see (and feel) how completely different we run EVERY aspect of this.

Job Description

We are in need of a Process Improvement Specialist who can analyze processes, identify areas for optimization, and implement new operational and structural strategies. This type of role is based on newer philosophies and having a reinventive mindset is a must. 

Process Improvement will always be a key focus for our organization. We believe that improving operational structures is never finished; there is always room to improve processes, policies, and procedures. Additionally, we believe that operational structures and team morale go hand-in-hand. Making things easier, more intuitive, fluid, collaborative, etc. greatly improves the employee experience.

Our Process & People Team focuses on integrating operations with psychology. Understanding various perspectives, the potential strengths and weaknesses of individuals, and the general understanding of human behaviors are all essential to evolve the structures of an organization.

We plan to build unique processes that will one day become a model for other companies to follow, improving their ethical business practices, morale, and in turn, improve their efficiency and save money. 

Objectives and Responsibilities:

  • Work across teams to streamline processes
  • Optimize office and department-specific operations
  • Develop and implement KPIs
  • Create new, scalable procedures that help organize our various teams and prepare for fast company growth

Skills and Qualifications:

  • 2-3+ years of operations or process improvement experience 
  • Strong written and verbal communication with stakeholders at all levels
  • Psychological understanding of people; formal training or innately skilled
  • Solutions, detail, and action oriented

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