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Understand the top 8 features of Digital Democracy

Digital Democracy revolutionizes communication between politicians and their constituents. The DD platform embodies the principles of Digital Politics using many dynamic features.

1. Politician Information


  • Salary
  • Education
  • Approval Ratings
  • Time in Office
  • Prior
  • Positions/Experience
  • Party Affiliation
  • Attendance
  • Elected Dates, In office Until dates
  • (Committee) Appointments
  • Religion
  • Birthplace, Age
  • Top Assets
  • Net Worth
  • Top Industries Invested

2. Equal Presentation of Officials

Digital Democracy strives for equality and fair opportunity for all political candidates. That’s why DD profiles showcase politicians in identical formats. Each profile will look the same except for graphics indicating political party affiliation, eliminating the fluff put in place by campaign marketing.

DD profiles focus on the issues, not the pomp and circumstance. It’s time for society to stop rewarding the flashiest TV ads in Washington and leave that up to the Emmys. Let’s focus on why our elected officials are there and stop worrying about who has the most likes or puts on the best show.

3. Voting Histories

Incumbent politicians have a record of their work while in office. DD displays voting histories for members of Congress right on their profiles. The days of hiding behind grandstanding speeches and finger-pointing are over. Digital Democracy is pulling back the curtain, encouraging voters to look at what really matters.

The platform also shows how often representatives vote along party lines and legislation they’ve sponsored or authored. This information highlights what our elected officials do instead of relying on what they say. Free access to Universal Facts brings effective accountability and transparency to our government.

4. Campaign Promises

The DD platform also showcases politicians’ campaign promises. Knowing this information is vital because we can compare promises during the campaign with a politician’s votes on related legislation. A candidate’s words may sound good, but do their actions back it up? 

Digital Democracy clears the smoke and mirrors from a politician’s messaging, holding them accountable for their words. FiNC aims to erase the twisted narratives of modern campaigns, bringing truth and substance to the table instead.

5. Voter Information

In addition to information about specific politicians, Digital Democracy also provides valuable resources specific to you. Once you’ve verified your address, you’ll have access to information about registering to vote, where your polling place is, and voting ID requirements. Blockchain encryption technology will be incorporated later into DD to further secure your data, protecting it from theft or manipulation. 

You can also view candidates on your state and federal ballots and save them for election day. Soon, DD will provide information on local candidates and elections as well. DD offers a place for voters to learn all the relevant information from a non-partisan source.

6. Citizen Feedback

To keep DD operating democratically, citizen representation is essential when making decisions. Once firmly established, Digital Democracy will be owned and operated by the American people. This model prevents a single entity or small group of individuals from controlling the platform—more details about how this works in a future post.

Citizen feedback is crucial to politicians’ work, as well. Your profile links up with the lawmakers representing your district. Elected officials must hear from their constituents, and DD opens the door for those conversations. 

Politician profiles provide the tools needed to conduct polls about various issues. Citizens can also leave comments on politicians’ profiles, offering direct feedback.

7. District Maps

Voting district maps for Federal and State houses are also available on the DD platform. In addition to informing voters of their representatives, this information also highlights gerrymandering which is the manipulation of district maps for political gain. FiNC will soon expand, adding local maps and bringing city and county politicians into the fold.

8. Compiled Social Media

Misinformation is rampant on social media, although not limited to blatantly wrong information. Many facts and data are correct yet presented out of context. The truth is often manipulated and twisted into a narrative that suits one party over another. Politicians frequently make extreme claims on social media, making it challenging to decide what’s true or false. 

DD’s politician profiles compile an elected official’s social media feeds across each platform, providing users with a one-stop-shop for political messaging. Citizens learn about a politician’s background and voting history while viewing their social media messaging. This data pairing encourages voters to think independently, considering all angles before drawing their conclusions. 

Users interact with posts from other platforms within the politician’s DD profile. Digital Democracy eliminates using multiple apps when liking, commenting, and sharing political content.

Let’s change the world!

Future is Now Coalition is passionate about the tools and resources we build. Our team is dedicated to fixing our broken political systems through education, empowerment, and evolution. It’s a long road full of difficult hurdles, but we’re determined to make a better future for American politics.

FiNC invites you to check out Digital Democracy and share it with friends and family. If you can, we always appreciate any amount you can donate to our mission. Your contribution will support our team as they work to reach our goals.

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